(In order of experience at iRock.) 

Siddhartha M Jain
Founder and CEO

He has one of the largest collection of (bright) shoes. He somehow matches it with even brighter clothes and has an office stuffed with crazy, unapologetic collectibles (which everyone wants to steal).

You’d think he runs a circus. We’d say that is a fair assessment.

It’s nothing short of running a circus when you’re running a script development boutique AND producing films. You don’t just require managerial abilities to handle so many schizo-writers all at once, but also a crazy bent of mind to lead them, and then bringing it on screen. All this requires not just talent but also a whole lot of experience.

After completing his MBA in Finance, Sidd successfully dabbled in equity markets, commodity trading and even the Internet. He founded BollywoodAuction.com in 2000, which was bought by Baazee.com (Ebay.com) in 2001.

The film production bug bit him so he decided to make a Bollywood film, with Hollywood. He worked with Hyperion Pictures, where he produced Salman Khan’s experimental Hollywood film “Marigold” with Ali Larter (“Heroes”, “Final Destination”). The film raised US$ 7 mln funding from the US, Canada, UK, Australia & India in 2004, which was unique in its multiple-funding structure, a first in Bollywood.

He followed it up by a 2-year stint at Adlabs Ltd., under the leadership of Mr. Manmohan Shetty. Sidd then founded his dream company, iRock, in 2008, with Mr Shetty as the startup capital investor. Recently the dynamic Arun Rangachari of Dar Media too joined as an investor.

After proving himself with RAGINI MMS’s success, Sidd’s iRock is now busy producing a bunch of WEB SHOWS and films.

Sidd Jain and his iRock have completed four years. He’s come a long way and it’s apparent that he’s only just begun. And, he’s most certainly dressed to have a lot of fun.

Associate Producer & Vice President – Legal & Admin

You don’t mess with ‘The Naina’. She knows where the rock in iRock is and she will use it with lethal expertise, if you do decide to tangle with her. Otherwise known as, ‘The Mother’.

This lady has over fifteen years of experience in television and films. She’s worked at UTV, Zed TV, Chesterfield International (Singapore), Shobhna Desai Productions, IN Mumbai TV, ETC and Adlabs. She has set-up/handled/produced popular shows such as Shararat, Special Squad, Kabhie toh Nazar Milao, Bhabhi, Shagun etc. She has also worked on films like, Marigold, Love Story 2050, Ragini MMS, Rock the Shaadi. And, she’s even directed a documentary for the Singapore government… phew.

She is also fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telegu, Gujarati, Sindhi (and a bit of Kannada, Punjabi and Mandarin).

So if there’s one thing you need to know about her – no matter what your language – you do not mess with ‘The Naina’!

Vaspar Dandiwala
Creative Director, iRock
Screenplay Writer (Ragini MMS, Rock the Shaadi, Disco Valley and Nangu aur Pangu)

He begs/bullies everyone to use tea coasters. He goes red if anyone moves anything on his desk (and he will know). He stomps in rage if he even finds typos in a screenplay (including his own).

Perfect credentials for an iRock employee.

Where others see anal behaviour our boy sees the best way to achieve his goals, which is why every project that he takes up has a touch of perfection: that too with unending scope for improvement.

This tall, Parsi boy from Bandra is a Commerce graduate who also did a Creative course from MICA, Ahmedabad. He trained to be a Copywriter at iB&W Communications and then soon joined Situations Advertising where he would also handle pre-production for ad films.

He joined Ogilvy and Mather in 2004, where he won several awards, including a Cannes and Clio Finalist. He was a Creative Supervisor when he met Sidd.

It’s almost been four years now since he’s been writing screenplays for the company and using his big Bawa nose to value-add anything iRock does.

We could onlee hope & prey his habbits grow.

Head Accounts

The way Amol stares right into his computer screen you are likely to think he has something serious going wrong with his eyes but the minute you are told of his accounting standards you’ll know why we love his keen eyes. There is a legend at iRock that Amol can find mistakes in balance sheets in his sleep. We haven’t checked it out because he never sleeps at work which is why we trust the legend.

Harishchandra Ankush
Head Office Coordinator

Ankush-da sings bhajans on his way to work every day in the train and is also the president of the bhajan mandal in his neighbourhood. The longest serving employee of iRock, Ankush da has been working with Sidd for more than 15 years. He can organize anything out of thin air at a bargain you couldn’t imagine. He can tell you the short-cuts to any place on earth except the short-cut to success, which is why we love him. The day Ankush is absent the whole office tends to fall ill.

Bharat and Ganesh
Office runners

It is tough to imagine two office runners who are always found in office. Call it their superb team work or excellent footwork or their divine grace but Bharat and Ganesh can never be found not doing anything. From the time the office opens till the time we call it a day these two boys literally run it.


And must mention some ex-team members like Carmen Zainabadi, Anish Patel, Mayank Tewari & Neeta Shah.